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CAMERA.Mini Bullet

CAMERA.Mini Bullet

CAMERA.Mini Bullet


Indoor - Outdoor Mini Bullet Camera

What you get:

Camera stand
Mounting hardware
Drill template
Hex key (Allen wrench)
Water-resistant cap 

The mini bullet camera is made for indoor or outdoor use. This is for use with the SVR. The camera is a color day / night camera and features full visibility during the day and up to 95 feet of night vision in total darkness. The picture during daylight operation provides a clear, crisp 1080P HD resolution. The camera also features an IR cut filter that will easily switch between day and night modes when the sensor detects a drop in the natural light. The recording format for the cameras is the H.264 format. The Mini Bullet also features motion detection capability that will allow it to take video snapshots, which get stored in your Alarm.com cloud when you set the camera to capture on motion events. 

The camera measures 2.76″ × 6.1″ and is weather and waterproof as it is built to the IP67 rating standard. The camera features a 4mm, F1.6 lens. You can also adjust some of the camera's picture features such as flip, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and exposure. You connect the camera using a CAT5 / CAT6 ethernet cable and the camera can use Power Over Ethernet if available, but if not you can use the included power adapter.