Indoor - Outdoor Dome Camera

What you get:

Camera stand
Mounting hardware
Drill template
Hex key (Allen wrench)
Water-resistant cap 

 This is a dome camera that can be utilized in an indoor or outdoor setting. You will use this camera with the SVR. With these services, you can remotely view live footage of your property and get snapshots of still images.

The Dome Camera features a 2.8mm, F1.6 lens and a 108-degree angle of view which will let you see a good sized area all at once. The camera also features Pan, Tilt, and Rotation capabilities. You can pan the camera from 0 - 355 degrees. The tilt feature lets you tilt the camera from 0 - 75 degrees. And with the rotation feature, you can rotate the camera from 0 - 355 degrees. All of this can be done through your app. The Dome also has a high-resolution color day image and has a built-in IR cut-off filter to let the camera transition smoothly between day and night modes. In total darkness, the camera has night vision up to 98 feet. You can adjust image qualities with the Dome Camera including flip, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and

The Dome has brilliant 1080p HD image resolution and it records in the H.264 recording format. The camera connects to a router or local network via CAT5 / CAT6 ethernet cable connection. The camera measures 4.4” x 3.2” and has a vandal-resistant outer casing. The casing of the camera is also weather and dust proof as per its IP67 rating. The camera can be used in temperatures ranging from -22°F – 140°F.